As part of CP Service automation systems autonomously performs the following activities:

  • Flow charts - P&ID
  • Functional description
  • Loop diagrams
  • Function diagrams
  • Video pages
  • Data sheets
  • instruments lists - I/O

Mechanical Plant

With the use of 3D CAD we are able to provide the design of:

  • Pipeline routes
  • Components accommodations
  • Supports
  • Materials list
  • Metal structures
  • Stress analysis

With the significant advantage of being able to integrate our design in a virtual environment with other disciplines such as the instrumental part, electrical systems etc

Power Plant

To complete the instrumental and mechanical activities are supported by the cable design, cable ways and power supply systems.

Cables tables are processed to sub-distribution electrical plant systems starting from the basic layout with generation of walkways networks (different voltage levels, separation circuits and / or redundancy), assembly details with customization to the users, loads and total materials lists.

3D modeling

With the use of advanced CAD can be modeled parametric solids.

The 3D models so realized allow to reach different representation details as needed. These also allow you to extract all the necessary information to the constructive realization of the plants, from drawings to materials lists the information to structural calculations.

Skid design

Industrial activities (especially in the petrochemical field) are increasingly oriented precast skid modules. CP Service has ridden this trend by acquiring the appropriate means to be used in the design of the skid.

  • 3D models with components, piping, supports and structures
  • Cables and cable routes
  • Instrumentation and connections.
The all dimensioned and calculated.

On site assistance

Our specialists are ready to assist customers on site during the assembly and start-up, overseeing direct jobs and ensuring optimal system startup. The company is able to field a decade of experience with numerous customers operating globally.


Search on commission, machinery or objects at the best price for our customers.

Service of Project Management

CP Service is offered as a project manager in the initial stages up to the start of the system in order to ensure quality, time and costs in the most profitable way to the end customer.